The Consortium “3D for Humanities”

The Consortium “3D for Humanities” was created in 2014 by the IR* Huma-Num in response to the growing need for expertise in 3D practices within the community of humanities and social sciences (HSS). With the rise of projects related to the use of 3D in HSS laboratories, due to the evolution of technologies and the democratization of tools, it was essential to bring together all these initiatives within a consortium including producers and users of such data.

One of the main objectives of the Consortium was to establish a shared vocabulary and standards, enabling effective communication among researchers and facilitating the exchange of data.

The consortium’s main objectives include:

  • Develop specific open-source 3D tools (Altag3D)
  • Disseminate best practices (methodology, 3D formats, metadata schema, 3D project management, etc.)
  • Organize workshops with the aim of accomplishing essential priority goals. ( workshops)
  • Offer, through the National Conservatory of 3D data, a solution for data archiving and 3D project management (CND3D)
  • Provide training to the HSS community (Our training courses)
  • Raise awareness among HSS research actors about the challenges related to 3D model usage
  • Promote multidisciplinary partnerships (Computer Science / HSS) respecting the objectives of each party
  • Develop national and international collaborations (Consortium MASA, CINES, N-d@me heritage, PARTHENOS, DARIAH, IIIF)