About us

The 3D Humanities Consortium was created in 2014 by TGIR Huma-Num ( a French Very Large Research Infrastructure)) in order to answer a growing need for expertise on 3D practices in Humanities and Social Science (HSS) . Since 2014, Archeovision has been leading this consortium, which has been accredited for 4 years.

In 2018, the Scientific Council of Huma-Num renewed its label for a new four-year period (2018 – 2021).
The uses of 3D technologies are diversifying and occupy an increasingly important place in the study processes of human societies.
Several research teams play a role in the appropriation of these new tools and thus collaborate in the emergence of new practices.
The 3D Humanities consortium proposes to federate these practices by backing them up with a network of strongly involved units.

Aims of the 3D humanities consortium 

  • Embrace all uses of 3D for the study of human societies
  • Create a national 3D data repository
  • Clarify the vocabulary associated with 3D technologies
  • Pool resources (rendering cluster, calculation cluster, conservatory, license server)
  • Develop specific 3D HSS tools in open source
  • Disseminate best practices (methodology, formats, metadata schema, etc.)
  • Encourage multidisciplinary partnerships (Computer Science / HSS) respecting the objectives of each
  • Identify scientific contexts of 3D productions and place of deposit of 3D models