CST3D SHS viewer

The 3D humanities Consortium has developped a 3D viewer on the openspace 3D platform, a free and open source platform.

Thanks to a simplified interface, the user will have at his disposal a toolbox (measurement tools, annotation, cutting plan, etc.) allowing him to visualize and analyze a 3D object.


The 3D viewer setup download and install several programs, and some antivirus software can sometimes block them without any reasons. Disable your antivirus software and install OpenSpace3D again.

OpenSpace3D 1.70 portable (32bits) : Telecharger

OpenSpace3D 1.70 portable (64bits) : Telecharger 



  • Import and conversion of large files to 64-bit versions (more than 20 million faces).
  • File format support: OBJ, PLY, DAE/ COLLADA, , 3DS, OGRE3D, FBX, BLEND, STL, DXF 3D and more than 30 other formats.
  • Point cloud management (PLY).
  • First person navigation with or without collision enabled
  • Adjustment of the focal length of the camera with the possibility to activate the orthographic mode
  • Orientation of the light
  • Screenshot with or without display of the scale in the orthographic mode
  • Generate real-time ambient occlusions in the scene
  • Material Editor
  • Possibility to define the position of the sun
  • Display of object information (number of points/faces, bounding box size in meters)
  • Creation of section plans in the scene
  • Add annotations to points in space (notes saved in an XML file)
  • Distance measurement: distances between two points can be measured with 2 clicks of the mouse.
  • Angle measurement: the user can measure an angle between three points with three mouse clicks.


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