National 3D Data Repository

The National 3D Data Repository for Humanities is a secure backup environment for 3D data, supported by Huma‐Num
The Repository is a preferred backup solution for 3D data produced in the context of projects in Higher Education and Research in Digital Humanities.

Data stored in the Repository are accompanied by a minimum of metadata giving information on the scientific framework of the project and the types of 3D production made among others so that data could be harvested.

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Archiving at the CINES

An archiving protocole is developed with the 3D humanities Consortium, the TGIR Huma‐Num and the CINES (National Computer Center for Higher Education). Actually, 3D data can be deposited at CINES for long-term archiving, more than 30 years.

This 3D archaeological data archiving project has been in production since March 2019.

For more information about perennial archiving at CINES and 3D data repositories, please contact: